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There’s no doubt about it – photos take lots of storage space, whether digital or physical prints. The sensors and resolution capabilities of new cameras are ridiculously high. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro features a 48 MP sensor, the new Sony Alpha 7R V has a 61 MP sensor, and the Fuji GFX 100 is rocking a 102 MP sensor, just to name a few. Seriously, a single photo at 102 MP! That’s impressive.

At those numbers, storage space fills up fast and can get expensive quickly. That’s why I’m such a fan of SpaceSaver. I first learned about it from a fellow photographer about a year ago and it’s now one of my go-to tools for all of my JPEG photos. The developer, StompSoftware, is the same company behind AlbumStomp, my not-so-secret program for designing photo books (plus calendars and the like) with incredible speed and efficiency given the “photos-first” approach. You can learn more about it in my eBook and in the conversations I shared with StompSoftware founder Chip Gillespie. Read the blog here and watch the videos on Instagram here and here.

What is SpaceSaver?

SpaceSaver optimizes JPEG photos, meaning it reduces the size the image, but it does not impact the photo quality.

In their own words, “SpaceSaver reduces the file size of high-resolution JPEG files while protecting the image quality of the photos, giving you optimal images to use either in print and online. This means shorter upload times, faster page loads, and more free space on your hard drives!”

Why should you use it?

It’s a well named product! You’ll save space, for sure. It will also save you money related to storage, plus time for photo upload, download, and website loading, depending on how you use your photos.

I greatly appreciate that it’s a one-time software purchase, not a subscription.

You can also try before you buy with their free trial to see for yourself, then save 30% with code SCISSORTAIL.

How does it work?

Using the software is very simple. First, go to Settings and select your Export Folder and if you want to Overwrite Originals.

To add photos, either click the plus sign to open a window to and select photos or Drag & Drop them into the window. The photos will load, then simply click Go!

That’s it! For large batches (or folders) of photos, give it some time to process.

Examples & Results

The before and after numbers speak for themselves. The image quality remains unchanged. Check it out!

Photos by Christopher Bryan

Original File, 33.03 MB

Taken with Sony A1

After SpaceSaver, 5.85 MB

Sporting my beloved WANDRD PRVKE camera bag (21L), shooting with the Sony Alpha 7RIII.

Original File, 30.94 MB

Taken with Sony A1

After SpaceSaver, 5.77 MB

Enjoying the grandeur of Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park this summer.

Original File, 24.15 MB

Taken with Sony A1

After SpaceSaver, 4.010 MB

It really is the BEST camera bag. I added the teal zipper pulls for a little on-brand personalization. (Christopher Bryan‘s 41L PRVKE has red zipper pulls, of course.)

Original File, 3.34 MB

Taken with iPhone 13 Pro

After SpaceSaver, 2.17 MB

If you haven’t experienced the culinary glory that is Velvet Taco, then add it to your list! There aren’t sufficient words to describe these tacos. Choose a cuisine, they’ve created a taco version. My favorite? The Fish n’ Chips.

Color Comparison

Did you know that the colors in your image can significantly impact the size of your photo? Because of the way JPEG files are compressed, darker colors have more information to be saved than lighter colors, which increases the size of the photo. You can see the difference in these two sets of images. The white photo shows no difference before / after running through SpaceSaver as it was already the smallest possible size. 

Original File, 8.65 MB

Black photo. Taken with Sony A1

After SpaceSaver, 784 KB

Original File, 580 KB

White photo. Taken with Sony A1

After SpaceSaver, 580 KB

No difference before / after running SpaceSaver as the photo is already at the smallest possible size. 

How does SpaceSaver compare to JPEGmini (their main competitor)?

SpaceSaver wins!

Here are two reviews by photographers that compare both programs.

Get SpaceSaver 30% off!

Use code SCISSORTAIL to save 30%

Have you tried SpaceSaver?

Leave your review and experience below for others to reference. I’d love to hear from you!

This post contains some affiliate links, which means you help support my work by using the link when you make a purchase, but it doesn’t cost you a penny more. It’s a great way to support small business. Thank you!

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