Scan & Convert

Digitize Your Photos and Videos, Preserve Your Stories

Take the first step to digitize and preserve your photos, slides, negatives, and videos. Then you can create, share, and backup those important stories and memories!

I know these are priceless items that hold treasured memories. I get that you likely have concerns about shipping them to a stranger, so please feel free to message with any questions. For local Oklahoma clients, I’m happy to arrange alternatives to shipping. I’m here to help!

Preserve and share your stories

Do you have other media formats not listed? I can still likely help!

These are the most common formats, but I can also help you digitize more obscure media. Contact me!

Completed projects are delivered via digital download or flash drive based on client preference. 

scan photos

Scanning Photos

Keep your memories safe by creating high-resolution digital scans of your photos and adding them to your digital library! 

$0.49 / photo (up to 8×10 size)

$0.99 / oversized photo, scrapbook page, or large document (up to 12×17)

$50 / hour to remove, replace photos in albums

Some photos may require special handling and scanning processes, such as fragile prints or those mounted on chipboard. These photos are $0.99 / each, regardless of size.


Scanning Slides & 35mm Negatives

Convert your slides and negatives to digital photos in order to preserve, backup, and share your photos.

$0.69 / image

APS, medium format, and other legacy film digitizing is available. Certain formats and conditions may require special handling and additional costs.

Have undeveloped film? I can help with that too. Send me a note!

video tapes

Converting Video

Rediscover footage stuck on the (mostly) obsolete formats of VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, and miniDV tapes. Convert your videos to digital so you can enjoy those memories again! Consider then making a reel or film.

Note: No copyrighted material, such as movies or TV shows, will be converted. Tapes with this content may be invoiced at a lesser rate depending on the time required to verify the footage on the tape. 

$25 / tape

10% discount for 10+ tapes
20% discount for 20+ tapes


Converting CDs & DVDs

CDs and DVDs are a common “hard copy” backup, but then they aren’t part of your organized 3-2-1 system. Send them to me and I can extract those photo and video files for you to organize & enjoy.

Note: No copyrighted material, such as movies or music, will be accepted for this service.

$7 / CD or DVD

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