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Digital Photo Organizing

All the work of organizing done for you. You provide the photos, then enjoy the finished result of an organized photo system delivering Your Photos at Your Fingertips!

Backed Up. Centralized. Secure.

The bottom line of photo management: Do you have a system in place to recover all your photos in case of emergency?

Duplicates Removed

Exact duplicates are removed. (Burst photos or slightly different poses aren't duplicates. It's still up to you to choose which smile you prefer! This step identifies true duplicate photos.)

Organized Folder Structure

A chronological year / month folder structure is best for most clients, with the option to keep certain files or folders separate as needed. This is customized to meet the needs of each client.

Customized System + Maintenance Plan

The process always starts by asking "How are you currently using your photos?" and "How do you WANT to use your photos?" We keep what works, provide solutions based on your needs, and design a step-by-step guide for maintaining your organized system moving forward.

Accessible & Shareable

A system only works if you can USE it! Your Photos at Your Fingertips means you can access all your photos and can easily share, use, and enjoy them.

Follows the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

The Golden Rule of data storage: 3 copies of your photos, using at least 2 formats / types of storage, with at least 1 offsite or in the cloud.

Photo Storage Optimization

Did you know that JPEG files include a lot of "fat" that can be removed and doesn't impact image quality? Optimizing your photos means they take less storage space and you never lose photo quality. (A key tool developed by professional photographers.) [*optional]

HEIC Compatibility Conversion

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Container) is now Apple's default photo format, but it is often not compatible with other systems or when you try to use, print, or send your photos. We'll convert your files to JPEG (no loss in quality) so you can always use your photos. [*optional]

Peace of Mind

Know that your photos are safe. Know that you have a system in place. Know that your photos are no longer a source of stress!

Photo Organizing: Step-by-Step

Let’s explain the complete photo organizing process! You can also find a video explanation in the Photo Org highlight on Instagram. As I mention on the Sorta Awesome Podcast, I start every client project by asking, “How are you currently using your photos?” and “How do you want to use your photos?” That conversation is key to helping each client build a system that meets your needs. And it’s also totally okay if you don’t really have answers to those questions! I’ll guide you through the process and decisions.

Step 1: Centralize Your Photos

Get all your photo sources – phones, computers, external hard drives, memory cards, etc. in one place. Then we’ll begin to transfer all the digital sources to an External Hard Drive (EHD) – your Photo Hub. This is the step where I need the client’s assistance before I take over with all the digital work.

Step 2: Delete Exact Duplicates

This is the fun part! Using software to help me analyze the metadata of your photos, I delete exact duplicates. (Not slightly different poses. You get to decide which smile is best!) It’s pretty satisfying to free up LOTS of space for clients in this step.

Step 3: Sort to Folders

For most clients (and my own photo library), we use a year / month folder system. Your photos are automatically sorted based on their metadata, so I always like to have clients spot check the results after this step to verify things are correct.

Step 4: Back up Organized Photo Library to Other Sources

I follow the 3-2-1 Rule for all my organizing clients, which means having 3 copies of your files, using at least 2 formats / types of storage, with at least 1 copy off site or in the cloud. Once the organizing is complete, the finished library is backed up from the EHD to your other chosen platforms, such as Dropbox, Amazon Photos, Google Photos, Backblaze, a NAS drive, or an additional EHD, etc.

Step 5: You ENJOY Your Photos!

This is the “Photos at Your Fingertips” step of the process, when the work is complete and you can sit and enjoy all your stories and memories! During your wrap up call, you’ll learn how to do the regular maintenance of adding new photos to your library or you can schedule a Maintenance Session if you’d rather I do that work for you. And then the fun part of making photo books and other projects begins!


I open my schedule up to two months in advance. You’ll select your start date when you book your session. Once appointments fill up, others will be added to a wait list and will be given first opportunity to schedule their organizing session when the next appointments are available. In the meantime, you can start on your task: gathering all your file sources. Use this checklist to help you locate all your photo sources.

There is an organizing solution for everyone. Remember that you are choosing to make an investment of your time or money, sometimes both.  Consider what is the best choice for you!

The full-service digital organizing session is $1200. Aside from assisting with centralizing and approving computer access (a simple click), you get to step aside and have the work done FOR you on your computer.

If you prefer to do the work yourself, the Course & Coaching Bundle is a great option. It’s $129 and includes one Digital Consult. You can add more calls if you need a bit more assistance and still want a more frugal choice.

Projects vary greatly based on the number of sources, internet speeds, client computer availability (when working via secure, remote screenshare), and of course, unexpected technical glitches – every project has something! We’ll discuss any timelines or deadlines you have and your specific project during our initial phone call once your session is booked.

Often, yes, you can, but we’ll need to coordinate our schedules. My work comes in batches: Sometimes I’ll need full access for several hours, other times I start a task, then the computer has to run in the background to complete it. This can also happen through the night. (I’m not pulling all-nighters for the project, but the computer needs to continue working.) You’re welcome to sit and watch while I’m working if you like, but heads up – it’s not exactly must-see-TV. 

Yes! I completely understand these concerns and realities. First, let me assure you that I work via a secure connection and no one else has access to the session. (I’m happy to tell you more about security features I use during our initial phone call to start the project.) I also know that internet speeds and accessibility vary greatly, but don’t worry – there are definitely alternatives and we will work together to find the solution that is best for your project. 

Each organizing project will start with a phone consult that takes about an hour. We’ll discuss the different options available to create a 3-2-1 backup system and I’ll always try to incorporate resources you may already have, like an external hard drive, Dropbox or Amazon Prime accounts. I’ll text to keep you updated on the status of my work throughout the project.

It’s important to include all your digital photos in the organizing process. Scanned or digitized media can be added at a later date, but all sources of digital photos should be centralized as step one in the organizing workflow.

First, everyone thinks that – there’s zero shaming here. Most every client thinks their photos are the absolute worst and that’s just not true 99% of the time! $1200 is a flat rate for digital organizing, currently without a source limit. 

Many photo organizers have tiered pricing based on the number of photo sources: phones, computers, memory cards, external hard drives, etc. – I do not. However, I do reserve the right to add a volume surcharge if I feel a project would far exceed my average time commitment. 

Why is my pricing different? It does impact each step of the process, but the biggest factor with multiple sources is the time required during centralizing at the beginning. While I’m doing the actual digital centralizing and organizing, it’s also necessary for the client to help as I’m not able to physically plug in different sources and move items around while working remotely. If I see that your project might be the 1% to warrant an additional fee, I will let you know during our initial call and give you some tips for what you can do to assist and avoid that (unlikely!) surcharge.


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