Organizing: Lists & Priorities (Knowing Where to Start!)

Where to start?? Brain Dump + Prioritize

There are few things in life as satisfying as marking off tasks on your to-do lists. Whether it’s on good ‘ol pen-and-paper or a digital task organizer, we suggest thinking about the to-do list in two ways: the Brain Dump and the Priority List.

The Brain Dump, just like it sounds, involves writing down every single task that comes to mind for the week. Once you have all these tasks written, you can breathe and highlight the top 3-5 tasks (no more than that!) to accomplish the next day. Write them on a post-it and focus only on those priority tasks for the day. This method allows you to stay on track with your tasks while also not overwhelming yourself with an exhaustive list.

– Kristin


  • Keep repeating the priority practice of highlighting 3-5 tasks. Accomplish the first list, then go back and make a new one. Rinse and repeat! It’s also incredibly helpful to break down big projects into smaller categories and tasks when you have limited time or a deadline.
  • The Brain Dump ritual isn’t simply for weekly tasks. Perhaps you have a specific project at work or home – writing down all the little details not only helps you organize and group the tasks but it can also provide a bit of insurance against forgetting something because you wrote it down!
  • Start with the end in mind. Identify your goal, then break down the necessary small steps to get there. Instead of “clean the garage” or “organize all my photos”, start small. 
  • Ask questions as you prioritize: How much time do you have? What really matters to YOU? Can you do something to make a difference now, even if you can’t conquer everything immediately?
  • Use the notes app on your phone to voice dictate the list and keep track of tasks. (Did you know you can also dictate spacing and punctuation? “Do laundry, new line, buy groceries, new line, send birthday card, new line…”
  • The app Freeform is my new favorite Brain Dump tool! It’s available for iPhone, but the BEST functions are easier to use on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. I LOVE writing by hand electronically and being able to circle batches of text and move them around the document. (Check out my IG stories + the Organized March highlight @ScissortailDigital to see it in action.)
– Lisa

Kristin Switzer, owner

2B Organized Tulsa

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