Organized March, Day 1: Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to a month of moving forward with small steps, smart systems, and simple solutions for home, life, and photos!

It’s March and spring is just around the corner! It’s the season of growth, warmer weather, new life and color, and longer days as we emerge from the dark of winter. I’m excited to share a month-long challenge with you to help you tackle organizing tasks around the house, those photo projects you’ve been meaning to accomplish, plus tips and resources for travel, photography, and general systems that can make your life a little less chaotic.

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Kristin Switzer, 2B Organized Tulsa

Kristin owns 2B Organized Tulsa and loves supporting fellow Oklahomans with their organizing and downsizing needs. Kristin was born and raised in Kansas City (Go Chiefs!) and ventured south to Oklahoma to attend The University of Tulsa. Kristin led a team & business channel for a personality assessment firm for 12 years before transitioning to a career as an entrepreneur & bringing 2B Organized® to Oklahoma. When she’s not working with clients or organizing her own home, you can find Kristin spending time with her husband Nick and daughters Hannah and Emma.

What's it like to work with a professional home organizer?

Our clients are sometimes a little nervous when considering hiring a home organizer and allowing someone into their “mess”. Rest assured, we always want our clients to feel supported and at ease throughout the organizing process and remember – the bigger the project, the better the “after” photo! We will develop a tailored approach to tackling the spaces in your home while considering your schedule, budget, lifestyle, and goals. We’ve worked with clients in as little as one, three-hour session to give them a jumpstart on a project and as much as organizing an entire home. Most importantly, we want to set up a system that allows you to stay organized over time.

Lisa Mast, Scissortail Digital

Lisa Mast grew up on an ostrich farm in western Oklahoma, spent the better part of two decades in the classroom, and now uses her experience as a photographer, storyteller, and systems builder to create custom photo and organizing solutions and photo legacy systems through her company Scissortail Digital. Lisa is an avid traveler, an Enneagram 1w2, and believes change can happen in the world when we listen to one another’s stories. Lisa and photographer Christopher Bryan live in Tulsa and enjoy putting coffee shops to the “macchiato test” when they aren’t working or chasing sunsets with their cameras.

What's it like to work with a professional photo organizer?

My ultimate goal is to help you ensure that your photos, stories, and memories are preserved so they can be shared, used, and enjoyed. It’s common that people feel overwhelmed by their photos, whether it’s the ever-growing volume of digital photos on their phone or those boxes of printed photos and old VHS tapes gathering dust in a closet. The stress often comes from the fear of possibly losing photos. This is a problem we can actually solve! My two top tips: 1) Start with the end in mind. Consider how you want to use your photos so that the organizing and systems we put in place can help you achieve your goals. 2) Start. You’ll be so glad you did.

Working with a professional photo organizer can give you peace of mind and confidence that your photos are secure and accessible. And you don’t have the tackle the project alone!

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Photos have always brought me joy and are one of my favorite mediums for storytelling. But let’s be honest, the sheer volume of digital photos we all have can be overwhelming. It’s my goal through Scissortail Digital to help you enjoy, use, and organize your photos so you can go from jumbled to joyful!

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