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Professional Organizing in the OKC Metro Area

Home / Office / classroom / Physical Organizing

Some listings include affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the link. 

There is no additional cost to you and it’s a great way to support creators and small businesses. Thank you!

Use Your Photos: Prints, Photo Books, & Photo Gifts

Save $10 on your first order.

My favorite company for photo gifts, especially for kids – puzzles, board books, notepads, magnets, memory games – so many great options! Their quality is fantastic and I love supporting small businesses.

Save 10 personal occasions (like birthdays) and get a FREE photo calendar, just pay shipping (which was $5.95 for me)

Save $25 off your first order.

Design anything on their website or app – graphics, logos, social media stories, photo books, business cards, flyers, Christmas cards…you name it. Free and paid versions. I use Canva every single day. Great printing options too, free shipping.

Every single material used to create their photo books is archival quality – the paper, glue, everything. Formerly known as AdoramaPix, they now offer professional photography level products (prints, albums, gifts) to the public. Their customer service is so helpful and high quality products are their top priority.

This is my go-to program for designing photo books. There is a learning curve because it’s a photos-first approach instead of layout-first, but it’s very manageable, I promise! And you can book a Digital Consult with me to coach you through the details, where we can screen share and I can answer all your questions.

Purchase the single user program and unless you create books for others like me, AlbumPrüfr isn’t needed.

Created by StompSoftware, the same company behind AlbumStomp, this program keeps all your photo metadata and original quality, but saves SO MUCH space. As in, nearly half. Again, you can book a Digital Consult with me to coach you through the details, where we can screen share and I can answer all your questions.

Check out the IG Live I did with StompSoftware founder Chip Gillespie where we discuss AlbumStomp & SpaceSaver!


Camera Gear & Accessories

Apple Lightning to SD Camera Card Reader || new & used product options from B&H Photo

Apple Lightning to HDMI cable connector || new & used product options from B&H Photo

Adjustable for phone size and vertical/horizontal orientation. Small size is great for travel, can attach to any tripod, super affordable.

I have other flexible tripods, but I really love this one. It’s also great for travel (it can be flat!) and easy to find since it’s blue. It shows a DSLR attached, which it can support, but I often use a large lens (which is too big), so I tend to use this with my phone, GoPro, and smaller cameras.

I love this for travel or everyday use – affordable, portable, rechargeable – all the great “-ables”. 

Save $25 on your first purchase / rental.

Favorites: Products and Services I use, love, and recommend

Organizational Solution Service Company in Oklahoma City, specializing in home and office organizing. I highly recommend my friend Audra for any physical organizing projects – closets, moving, basic clutter, you name it! Click the logo to visit her website or call (918) 557-5224 for a free consultation.

Watch our IGTV with tips to organize your physical photos HERE!

I don’t love to clean, but I do love to #TossTheToxins and replace all the other cleaning products in favor of Branch Basics. This has been my go-to for a couple of years now and I love it! You can save $10 on your first order when you use this link.

The same audiobooks, but supporting local bookstores. Monthly memberships and à la carte purchases available.

I use this all. the. time. The sound quality is great, it’s really portable, has a long charge (and can be used while charging), and it’s really affordable. Make sure to get the Soundcore 2.

Computer / Website Resources

Surfshark: 83% off, plus 3 months free.

VPN = Virtual Private Network
It keeps your information private & protected online + you can change your online “location” to access streaming content in other countries. 

Check out the VPN highlight on my Instagram for more details.

HEIC is an iPhone photo format that was introduced in 2017 and isn’t easily read outside of Apple products. You can change your phone settings to save your photos as JPEG files, but if you have any pictures in HEIC format, the FREE iMazing Converter can easily do just that – convert HEIC files to JPEG. It’s amazing! PC and Mac versions available.

Courses: Learn from my friend & photo expert Miss Freddy

Note: If you are interested in multiple courses, please note that each course purchase requires a separate transaction.

All courses 30% off through November 30 + use code MORE to save an additional 20%

Backup Bootcamp

Family Yearbooks

Mac Basics

Basic Photo Editing on Your Phone

Basic Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom

DSLR Basics

Photographing Kids:
A FREE Course!

Her real name is Casey, but Freddy is a family nickname. She’s a Professional Photo Organizer and my friend and teacher. When it comes to digital photo management and online photo organization, she’s the original expert. You’ve maybe even heard her featured on podcasts like Laura Tremaine’s “10 Things To Tell You” or “The Lazy Genius” with Kendra Adachi.

I might, someday. But why reinvent the wheel? Miss Freddy is an expert and I have learned so much from her myself. I couldn’t recommend better courses. 

Click the photo of the course you’re interested in to access the teaching platform. There you’ll complete your payment and immediately be able to start the course! It’s not a subscription and you’ll have lifetime access to the lessons, including all future updates, at no additional cost. There isn’t a ‘shopping cart’ feature yet, so you’ll need to come back and click on each course individually if you want to purchase more than one.

Course + Coaching

A self-paced course + some one-on-one coaching is the perfect pair! Purchase a Miss Freddy course, then book a Digital Consult with me for that little boost of encouragement along the way, especially with the Backup Bootcamp and Family Yearbook courses.

Learn more with Lisa in a Digital Consult. We can accomplish a lot in one hour!