Digitize: Scan & Convert

Digitize Your Photos and Videos, Preserve Your Stories

When memories are on outdated media formats, you can't easily use or share them.
Simply gather your photos and videos and we'll digitize them so you can access and ENJOY them.
It's another way we make sure you have Your Photos at Your Fingertips.

Printed Photos​

$0.50 - $1.25 / photo

Keep your memories safe with high-resolution digital scans of your photos added to your digital library! (Then make sure it’s all organized!)

  • $0.50 / photo (standard sizes up to 8×10)
  • $1.25 / oversized photo (up to 12×17)

$50 / hour to remove, replace photos in albums

Some photos may require special handling and scanning processes, such as fragile prints or those mounted on chipboard. These photos are $1.25 / each, regardless of size. 

Enjoy and share your digitized photos with a slideshow or photo book!


$1.25 / page

Keep your memories safe by creating high-resolution digital scans of your photos and adding them to your digital library! 

  • $1.25 / page (up to 12×17)

$50 / hour to remove, replace pages in albums and protective sleeves

Some photos may require special handling and scanning processes, such as fragile prints or those mounted on chipboard. These photos are $1.25 / each, regardless of size.

Turn digital scans into a beautiful lay-flat premium photo book!

Slides & Negatives

$0.80 / photo

Convert your slides and negatives to digital photos in order to preserve, backup, and share your photos.

  • $0.80 / photo

Film: Develop & Scan

You’ll receive physical negatives and digital scans. Prints are an added cost.

35mm & disposable cameras

  • $20 / roll

APS, medium format, 110, 126, black & white, and other legacy film digitizing is available. Contact for pricing.

Video & Audio Tapes &

$20 - $25 / each

Rediscover memories stuck on the (mostly) obsolete formats video tapes and audio cassettes. DVDs aren’t a current format either and you often don’t have the technology to view and use the content. Convert your media to digital so you can enjoy those memories again! Consider then making a reel or film with your digitized videos.

  • $20 / each (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, mini DV tapes, audio cassettes, DVDs)
  • $25 / each (Betamax, Betacam, Umatic tapes)

Note: Double-sided audio cassettes and double-sided miniDVDs will be invoiced as two separate items if there is content on both sides.


$7 / each

CDs are a common “hard copy” backup, but then they aren’t part of your organized 3-2-1 system. Send them to me and I can extract those files to be organized and enjoyed.

  • $7 / each

Video & Audio Reels

varies by reel size

Digitizing of Video & Audio Reels is based on reel diameter and length.

Pricing ranges from $22-$86 for standard reel sizes.

Contact me for pricing.


Other Formats

I have media in a size or format not listed. Can you help?

Yes, we can!

These are the most common sizes and formats, but we can also help you digitize more obscure media. Just send a note! If we can't digitize it, we can point you in the right direction.


How can I protect my items for shipping to you?
You'll receive an email with specific packing and shipping instructions to ensure your items are safely packaged. // Oklahoma clients: You can schedule a time to drop off your items at our office in Tulsa's Pearl District. Meet ups in other parts of the state may also be a possibility depending on location and schedule


How will I receive my digitized files?

It's Included!

You'll receive all your digitized files on a flash drive, as a digital download, or both - your choice! Add extra flash drives for $15 each. (DVDs are an option for some video projects, but remember they are an outdated format.)


What about movies or music that I have on an old format?
No copyrighted material, such as movies, TV shows, or music will be digitized. Questions?

Preserve and share your stories