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DIY Photo Organizing // Backup Bootcamp by Miss Freddy // Coaching by Scissortail Digital

If you’re more of a Do-It-Yourself person, who’d like a little coaching along the way, this is the right choice for you! You’ll follow the same professional workflow that I do with Operation Photo Files, but you’ll do the work yourself. Included in the self-paced course bundle is a one-time digital consultation with me. (Additional sessions may be booked as needed..)

If you chose to DYI and find yourself overwhelmed during the process, the cost of your Digital Consult (not the course), can be applied to a complete Digital Organizing session. A discount for some required materials may also apply if you’ve already made those purchases. No matter what you choose, know that there are solutions!

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"Asking questions is one of the fundamental keys of learning."

~ Catherine Pulsifer

Did you know I’ve been an educator for 17 years? Professor, teacher, conductor, continuing learner – I firmly believe there are not dumb questions in the process of learning! Sometimes the most simple question is the solution, but some are too afraid to ask. It’s my goal to help you better understand technology, media, and all things photos so you can focus on enjoying your memories.

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Backup Bootcamp will teach you how to:

  • transfer photos from multiple devices
  • automatically eliminate duplicates
  • establish a simple organizational structure
  • clean up the junk
  • setup cloud backup
  • automate your process!

Once the form and payment above have been submitted for your coaching, you will be automatically transferred to the teaching platform. There you’ll complete the course payment and immediately be able to start Backup Bootcamp! It’s not a subscription and you’ll always have complete access to the course, including future updates, at no additional cost.

Her real name is Casey, but Freddy is a family nickname. She’s a fellow Professional Photo Organizer and a friend of mine. When it comes to digital photo management, she’s the original expert. You’ve maybe even heard her featured on podcasts like Laura Tremaine’s “10 Things To Tell You” or “The Lazy Genius” with Kendra Adachi.

You can, if you’d rather – she’s great! She’s also in very high demand and her schedule has limited availability. For the same price ($50), you get a full hour with me, where Miss Freddy’s sessions are only 45 minutes. You can also split the coaching with me into two 30-minute appointments if you’d rather.


I might, someday. But why reinvent the wheel? Miss Freddy originated this method of digital photo organization and I’ve learned so much from her myself. I couldn’t recommend a better course.

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(Note: I am a Miss Freddy affiliate. Using my link means that I earn a small referral commission, but it does not cost you anything. It’s a great way to show support for small businesses and creators – thank you!)