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All About AlbumStomp

AlbumStomp is my not-so-secret tool to efficiently design custom photo books. I love it so much that I wrote an eBook all about it! You can purchase it here. You can also find this EasyGuide to AlbumStomp – and other resources to come – by clicking Shop in the main menu.

So what's inside?

The Easy Guide to AlbumStomp is a step-by-step guide to using the software and designing custom photo books. It’s completely different than traditional album design programs, but once you see the Photos First Approach in action, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can create a finished photo book!

AlbumStomp was created by professional photographers needing to maximize their efficiency in designing albums, but the program is a great tool for anyone, beginner to professional, who wants to save time and have beautiful photo albums. You can learn more about the story behind StompSoftware, program features, and what’s to come by watching my interviews with the company founder, Chip Gillespie here and here.

As a photo organizer, you know I love to save space, so I was delighted to learn about their photo optimization software, SpaceSaver. It reduces the size of JPG files without affecting image quality or photo resolution, which means your photos can take up less space – brilliant!

Why AlbumStomp?

1.  It’s crazy fast to design a photo book with AlbumStomp. Choose your photos, drag & drop, and it automatically creates layouts on the page. No more searching for the right layouts before you begin. The Photos-First Approach is a game changer. Check out the video of this 20-page book designed in 2 minutes, real time!

2.  There is a bit of a learning curve because it’s such a different design process. BUT, once you see how AlbumStomp works, I promise you’ll be designing beautiful books in no time. I wrote this eBook because I want to make it more accessible for others to use these awesome tools. My goal is to help you tell your stories and ENJOY your photos!

3.  I love to support other small businesses. I love people who think outside the box and provide creative solutions, especially to challenges that matter. Photos matter, stories matter AlbumStomp makes it possible to create beautiful, custom photo books QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY so you can spend more time being present. I’d call that a win!

How I Store My Photos Using LESS Space (and $$)

I’ve detailed my experience with SpaceSaver, including technical comparisons and another photographer’s analysis and comparison to SpaceSaver’s primary competitor. Click above to check it out!

You can even save 30% on AlbumStomp, SpaceSaver, AlbumPrüfr or all of the StompSoftware programs! 

Purchase + Save

  • Use these links + code SCISSORTAIL to save 30% on AlbumStomp, SpaceSaver, and/or AlbumPrüfr.
  • If you ever have an error using the code, please email for assistance.
  • Note: AlbumStomp and SpaceSaver are one-time software purchases; AlbumPrüfr requires an annual subscription and is not applicable unless you are designing albums to deliver proofs to clients.

This post contains some affiliate links, which means you help support my work by using the link when you make a purchase, but it doesn’t cost you a penny more. It’s a great way to support small business. Thank you!

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